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What We Do?

We are able to supply a full range of products ranging from:

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Established since 2011, HIRAD PHARMED Co. has become one of the leading Iran pharmaceutical & medical supplies wholesaler and exporter. We pride ourselves on excellent levels of customer and distribution service. Our central network of experienced advisors are allocated to wholesale, pharmacy. Informed advice is provided on the best products and service, at the most competitive price.

Emergency Medical Supplies
Our aim is to provide our clients with a prompt and professional service at competitive prices. Crucial to delivering quality of care to your patients is having access to the right pharmaceutical supplies without having to worry about regional market shortages or supply problems. On occasions it will occur that essential medicines are not readily available and this is where Hirad Pharmed can help. Hirad Pharmed only sources product from within our audited and authorized supply chain. Through long standing working relationships with large multi-national manufacturers, independent pharma companies, wholesalers and distributors worldwide we are able to source the products you require safely and deliver these to your pharmacy, hospital or clinic efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Mission

Our vision is to build a substantial profitable healthcare business focused on selling high quality pharmaceutical products in specialized therapeutic market segments.

• With strong local market shares
• Generating high levels of ROCE
• Driven by focussed professional staff
• Expanding into new geographies

Our vision

We aim to achieve this through:

• Creating and sustaining leading positions in each of the market segments in which we have decided to operate
• Continuously benchmarking and improving the efficiency of our operating model in each of our business segments
• Attracting and empowering entrepreneurial people and teams, capable of delivering outstanding performance, through the deployment of a devolved management structure


Why Choice Us:

  • 24 hours / 7days customer service.

  • Immediate answer to your enquiries and orders. We can also send you product pictures from our database.

  • Sourcing capability , for example ; Europe: UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Greece . Asia : Turkey, UAE, Jordan . North America: USA and Canada .

Contact Us

Unit603, Floor6, No.19, Gholam Jafari St, Tajrish Sq, Tehran, Iran


Tel: (+98) 21 22748240

Fax: (+98) 21 22748273

Postal Code : 1989818363

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